The NBA 2K Loves You MyTeam Update Details

This year’s biggest update for MyTEAM is now live! What follows is a quick run-down of all of the new things in the “We Love You” update—new cards, new collections, new duos, updated cards, and more.

First, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the return of Locker Codes! These limited edition codes could drop at any moment, and will give a few lucky MyTEAM players a Pink Diamond Kevin Love from his All-Star Weekend Three Point Contest victory. Stay tuned to @NBA2K_MyTEAM for more details—there will be multiple chances to win.

Also, we wanted to give back to the great, passionate MyTEAM community, and have made an important change moving forward—Diamond and Pink Diamond cards have a new rating scale. Diamonds now range from 93-98 Overall players, while Pink Diamonds are specifically reserved for 99 Overall players. Why is this important? It means we can ensure the very best players in the game are the ones you’ve worked so hard for. As of now, all Collector Level Rewards that were Diamond or above (from Diamond Elgin Baylor through Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant) are now boosted additionally, as are Historic Collection Rewards. An example is James Worthy, the Collection Reward for the Historic Lakers, who jumps from a 95 Overall to a 98 Overall:

In addition, the two highest MyTEAM Blacktop Rewards, Pink Diamond Isiah Thomas and Diamond Kevin McHale, have also been boosted.

A complete list of Historic Collection Rewards with their new ratings is below:

That’s not all! All-Star Weekend packs are now available, with a group of players that have enjoyed great All-Star Weekend success, from Dwight Howard’s Dunk Contest victory to Shaquille O’Neal’s co-MVP performance, these players will help boost your squad no matter who you pull in packs. Another highlight is Blake Griffin, the first Diamond power forward that is obtainable from packs, and a new Amethyst Michael Jordan from his early days winning back-to-back Dunk Contests.

In addition, if you can collect each All-Star Weekend player, you will unlock a great reward—All-Star 97 Overall Vince Carter! This will be the best Vince Carter card in the game, as well as a replication from when he turned the world on its ear with an amazing Dunk Contest victory in 2000.

Finally, last week we released a total of 62 new Dynamic Duos into the game, bringing the season total above 150. Examples of new duos include James Harden and Scottie Pippen (Pippen being a great compliment to Harden, albeit from a different generation), Arvydas Sabonis and Manu Ginobili (Two non-USA players to win Gold Medals), and Maurice Cheeks and Kawhi Leonard (two Defensive Players of the Year). The new duos will help newer players who may not have built their team up, as well as rewarding some more experienced players that have collected some nice rewards. The possibilities are endless. Make sure you tweet us all of the duos you’ve discovered, and which are your favorites using #2KDuos!

That’s all for now, but we’ll be back soon with some more information and updates for everything MyTEAM. Just remember—it all starts when you’re a big man on campus…